FirstTakes Profile Recording Demonstration



We are Skylight: a new video-based dating app targeting singles ages 18-30 in the Boston area. We are passionate about creating positive real-life interactions between our users, in contrast to other apps where users spend endless hours swiping on profiles and never meeting up. We want our users to understand what makes Skylight unique, and to feel comfortable and excited using our app. Our mission is to create more authentic connections than current dating apps with video-based profiles.


The Job (One-Time):


We are seeking somebody who can appear in a short intro demo clip, demonstrating how a profile can be created in the app, by answering our unique prompts on video. The clip will be used in our demo video on the home screen of the app, on our website, and in our Instagram stories. The video will have no sound.




The setting for this recording can be in any location with good lighting, and can be filmed by oneself. To film, please use a smartphone capable of recording video vertically in selfie-style. Please send in a video of yourself doing the following: First, position yourself at arm's length from your phone with your face in the middle of the screen. Then, press record and look at your phone screen for 5 seconds (as if you're swiping to select a question in the app to record), and then begin speaking about a topic you're passionate about for he next five seconds (as if you're answering a question in the app). Because the clip we use will be soundless, the content of what you are speaking about does not matter for our purposes.




  • Female, between the ages of 18-30


  • Comfortable speaking on camera in an enthusiastic and upbeat manner


  • Experience framing shots with good lighting




$75 USD

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